Today I took some time to look at my bookshelf that’s filled with spiritual and metaphysical books. For a long time, some of the most treasured books on that shelf are books by Neville.

The first time I found Neville’s books was in 2005. I can honestly say reading Neville’s books has changed my life! It’s not just what I learned spiritually, but having put his methods to the test, I have experienced his teachings.

I have used Neville’s teachings attract the right real estate, rental properties, the right job, start the right businesses, attract new friendships, get payrises, own my dream car, and much more. More importantly, these techniques and spiritual insights I learned from the man will stay with me for the rest of my life.

After you immerse yourself with Neville’s teachings and put it to the test in your daily life, you will not only believe, you will know Imagination does create reality!

Check out these favorite bestselling books by Neville:

The Complete Neville Reader

The Power Of Imagination

Your Inner Conversations Are Creating Your World

The Neville Reader: Your Inner Power To Create An Abundant Life

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