We exist in many versions of realities. Creation is done in the form of Infinite Probabilities. All things are possible in the mind of God because all things already exist (or “co-exist” in another probable reality).

In this infinite universe there co-exist many versions of probable realities, therefore each “new decision” is not really new- it already exist in a probable world and needless to say along with its own probable consequences.

We are shifting between realities all the time. With each thought, decision, intention, word and action, we are travelling in this vast system of infinite possibilities. The freedom and choice is limitless. Our “I am” is truly an unlimited Being that can occupy limitless states that it desires to experience.

What then, is the tool or method that we use unconsciously to shift between realities? That ‘thing’ is none other than our consciousness. Think about it for a moment. What holds you in your current reality? It is your mind. Your mind is made up of your thoughts.

Your beliefs about yourself, about people, about money, about health, about the world, these beliefs that you hold in your mind are determining the conditions you experience. A person who always think thoughts of success will attract success. A person who always think about lost opportunities, lost of wealth, bad luck, will keep on attracting what he continues to think. In short, in your mind, what kind of world do you belief that you live in? That is your mental dwelling place. Your mental dwelling place is aligning you to a probable reality that matches what you believe in.

Yet we are all beings with free will. Spiritually asleep to our limitless freedom, we think in limitation and thus enter into a world of limitation. To be spiritually awake to our limitless freedom, we can choose any mental state to live in and then shift our “I” into an alternate reality(conditions) that we desire.

Bear in mind that we do not get teleported into another reality. But from our personal own point of view, when we shift into another probable reality, our conditions around us change naturally. Sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly.

When I wanted to attract to me an ideal apartment for rent in 2005, I put myself in an ideal apartment that I desired. And I did it all in my mind. I was changing my mental dwelling place. In my imagination, I put myself in an apartment in the city centre, high up above the city, with city views and water views. I told myself that the rent was really affordable. At that time, in my reality I was co-leasing an apartment with a French student. My share of the rent was $215 per week for my room. Well, I changed my mental dwelling place while physically living in that room. I didn’t even start looking for a new apartment, but it found me.

About 1 month later, one day I was walking in the city and right beside me was a notice stuck to the traffic light for a 2 bedroom apartment in the city center for $400 per week. I figured I could live in one bedroom for $200 per week (cheaper than my current rent) and rent out the other room to another student. I called for an inspection, and the person said she just put up the notice 5 minutes ago. She showed me her apartment – it was in the city centre, on the 34th floor, had views of the city below, had water views, and even mountain views. She said she was renting but decided to break her lease to go back to her country, and she was helping the leasing agent to find new applicants. I was the first to view it, but after a few days, she told me several other people were also applying. Well, I did more specific mental work to secure the apartment. Within 3 weeks, I was living in that apartment.

The Owner of the apartment decided himself not to raise my rent of $400 per week for 3 years. When the market rate was $520 per week, he still refused to increase my rent. One day I asked the Owner why he rented the apartment below market rate to me, he simply said “Well, I like you. I figured you are the type of tenant that I want, you are clean and you don’t throw wild parties. Not like some previous tenants who threw parties and trashed the place and cost me thousands of dollars to fix up. That’s why I refused to raise your rent even when the agent kept recommending me to do so.”

I did not try to put that thought into his mind. I merely lived in my ideal dwelling place in my imagination, and then things happened naturally. The current tenant decided she wanted to break the lease to return to her own country, and when I got the apartment, the Owner had this idea that I was his ideal tenant and refused to raise the rent.

So which reality do you want to live in? In one probable reality you are already there.

You can choose the conditions that you want, and then imagine it. Do it consistently and regularly, and very soon your vibrations will match up to your ideal reality and bring that reality to you.

Charles Koh is the author of Creating Your Personal Reality (available from amazon.com) and Secret Techniques Of Manifesting With Imagination.

You know how they pull you down. You know the drill. That negative mindset they all try to sell you. Yes, the physical world is a world of impermanence. All things physical changes form through time. Living beings are born, grow, thrive, and then decay sets in and eventually the form must change. But if you live your life lamenting you that everyone must die someday, you won’t get anything out of life. We all must control our mindsets in order to shape our lives.

Consider the power of gravity over everything physical on earth. Without your life force and the decision to lift yourself up, to stand, to move- you cannot move! All things remain inert until it is moved. Even a smile requires an intent coupled with energy from the life force to be shaped.

The message I want to bring to you dear readers today is, without energy and an intent to move, or to lift yourself up, or to smile, to be happy, to think positive, to do something creative, nothing can be achieved! And it all starts with a decision, an intent!

It is easy to think negative, to think of present lack and present situations and lament over it. It is easy to complain, to blame, to justify why you haven’t achieved. It is easy to blame your family, your parents, your government, your conditions. All too easy. That’s why majority of people do not achieve their goals. That’s also the reason why most people are unhappy focusing on present conditions. And the more you focus on it the more life gives you what you focus on!

It takes a daily decision to think positive, to appreciate, to see the good, to dream, to set goals, to look for opportunities, to create opportunities! All it takes is a daily intent in the morning how you want to live and think today. Where do you live in your psychological world? Where do you allow your consciousness, your mind to vibrate? I can now appreciate those people who are positive, because I realize it takes daily effort to be positive.

What I encourage everyone to do is to start reframing your thoughts if you catch yourself thinking negatively. Try to think of the subject in another more positive, empowering or less negative tone. Changing your mindset will change your destiny because it will change the vibration of your consciousness and what you attract into your life.

Here’s a daily mental exercise you can do. Decide to be mindful of your inner conversations (ie. your self talk) during the day. If you catch yourself thinking disempowering thoughts or dwell in any negative thoughts, you must decide to reframe the thought into a positive one. Try your best to reframe it.

For example, if you didn’t do well at school, or at work, instead of feeling bad, start reframing it to “what can I learn from this and become better from it?”

If someone is rude to you, instead of feeling bad or thinking negative thoughts about the person, try to reframe it to “Isn’t it good that it reminds me not to do that myself because it will make me so unpopular?”, or “well he must have had a rough day or worried about something, I really pity him”. See how few simple reframes will stop you from focusing on the negative and neutralize any negative sentiment?

Reframe all the negative thoughts that enter your mind one by one. You will notice it takes real deliberate effort at the beginning. But once you learn the trick to reframing, you can start tossing out those negative thoughts even before they are finished!

Guess how much you will be raising the vibration of your consciousness and emotions when this becomes a habit? You will be attracting things that fit your new vibrations, things that make you feel even more positive and happy. You will be creating everyday miracles!

One thing for sure, the result of this new vibration will turn your life into new positive conditions and experiences. When you look back from that place of success and happiness, you will appreciate the simple little mental reframing exercise that you decided to do today!