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CBD And Nootropics – Is Hemp Oil Good For The Mind?

CBD AND NOOTROPICS Nootropics have existed for centuries. Most people have probably never heard of this unless they are aware of the recent wave of podcasting that speaks to varying form of depth. However, there is a lot of scientific evidence that some vitamins can have a beneficial effect on your brain’s ability to function. […]

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Many Probable Realities – You Are Already There

We exist in many versions of realities. Creation is done in the form of Infinite Probabilities. All things are possible in the mind of God because all things already exist (or “co-exist” in another probable reality). In this infinite universe there co-exist many versions of probable realities, therefore each “new decision” is not really new- […]


The Amazing Power Of Detachment

Is your spouse, friend, family, boss or colleague ticking you off with their negative behaviors? Are conditions around you not to your liking and you feel strong resistance and unhappiness? Read the news about corruption, war, crime and feel negative after that? One of the best thing you can start doing is the art of […]


Get Neville Goddard’s books

Today I took some time to look at my bookshelf that’s filled with spiritual and metaphysical books. For a long time, some of the most treasured books on that shelf are books by Neville. The first time I found Neville’s books was in 2005. I can honestly say reading Neville’s books has changed my life! […]